typical Melbourne weather!

it was a sunshine day... but just in you can see in the pics~~~ this is Melbourne weather!  

one of our tour buses - toyota coaster

this is one of our tour buses - toyota coaster. a reliable bus, good quality. we always try to maintain the bus in excellent condition. it has been with us over 2.5 years, never had any issues. Sydney,Adelaide,Great Ocean Rd day tour....

something about Melbourne

Melbourne is the ultimate in artistic diversity, food, coffee and on-trend culture. Let our local knowledge amplify your experience in Melbourne.

to enjoy a cup of Coffee in Melbourne City

Does Melbourne have the best cafes in the world? What a question – who's been everywhere, who has even tasted the coffee in every country? But it makes you think about what makes Melbourne cafes so good, and it's an excuse to spend some time investigating. 


Melbourne City is home to many of the best-known cultural institutions in the nation.